Thursday, 22 October 2009

From Ingredients To Baked Delights...

Jake making seaweed rock cakes

Peter preparing to make various types of butter cream

Lu's mint chocolate cheesecake

Jinny making blackberry jam

Scones to go with the jam

Putting chocolate on banana cupcakes

Friday, 9 October 2009

The Cake CommitTEA Breakfast Blend

Exciting day. The Cake Committea Breakfast tea is a blend of Sri Lankan tea from the Handunugoda Estate.

Both Tim and I tasted it and liked it straight away in it's black from. However once milk is added, it seem to lose what I call 'brightness', Tim explained that the correct term is 'brisk', so he added some Assam from the Hunwal Estate, and it became a brisk yet soft black tea, with a lovely colour and depth of flavor, plus holding it's own when milk is added.


This tea will be for sale at the next cake committee meeting. It is a loose leaf tea, at £4.00 for 50 grams.